Description : AWG24-10 Self-Adjustable Terminal Crimping Tool Wire Cord Crimper Plier 0.08-6mm Quality wire strippers, pressing range expand to 0.08 - 6mm 24 - 10AWG casing terminal. Handle with nylon, ergonomic design. Designed with a good rotation of the lever, the operation more effort. Features : Tube type terminals for insulated and non-insulated. Uniform nip pressure to ensure the accuracy of the pressure line appearance. Square crimp sleeve terminals ensure optimum contact surface pressure clamp. Cross-sectional area in accordance with the requirements of the terminal automatically adjust, easy to operate. Excellent rigging, making the operation more effort. Compatible with DIN standard force locking device (releasable) by ensuring accurate crimp seal,Simple, compact. All necessary components using specially hardened special steel. Specification : Applications : sleeve-type terminal Press range : 0.08-6.0mm AWG : 24-10 Length : 175mm Independent Packing : paper card Package includes : 1 x Crimping Tool 0.08-6.0mm Details pictures :

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