Products 1. Board overall nice reasonable layout with the blue and yellow chemical capacitor large radiator very beautiful 2. Green Oxidation large radiator good heat dissipation 3. High-frequency low-impedance capacitors stable and reliable performance output distortion is smaller powerful bass midrange and treble clarity sound sweet Caution: 1 Rated power supply voltage for dual ┬▒ 50V the voltage at ┬▒ 42 --- ┬▒ 58V can work because this amp has undervoltage and overvoltage protection it is recommended not to lead nearly voltage supply voltage protection point because if the power at high power voltage fluctuations if the voltage is lower or higher than the scope of protection of the moment was closed to protect the amplifier output while the staccato do not reverse the positive and negative power supply 2 power supply is recommended to ┬▒ 50V DC dual power supply filtering better 3 speakers recommended 6-10 inch 4 ohm or 8 ohm trumpet 4 Although the audio output short circuit protection but try not to short-circuit 5 Check carefully before energized make sure the wiring is correct before pass. 6 This panel voltage is fixed at 36 times magnification if the output power is not enough as the case may add their own pre-amplification

Никогда не было так запросто купить 2pcs lot assembled quad405 mono audio power amplifier board dc 40v to 50v 3a без огромной переплаты, подобрав цену собственноручно. Заплатить лавандос с пользой иногда довольно затруднительно, однако стоимость 2pcs lot assembled quad405 mono audio power amplifier board dc 40v to 50v 3a в электронном каталоге стартует с 97.24 , непременно примите решение прежде чем перейти по указанной гиперссылке. У нас тут на выбор 2 разнообразных продавцов товара среди них:,

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